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“Seasoned Athletes Can Compete too”

Our Country is aging, however age is only a number and a state of mind. One is truly only as old as one feels. Each day another group of “Baby Boomers” reaches retirement age. I’ve long passed that point, but have not yet given up my competitive spirit. It’s that thought and my respect for Talbot Hospice, that has motivated me to participate in the Festival of Trees 2015 Drag Race. All proceeds go directly to benefit Talbot Hospice. The Race is scheduled for Sunday, August 30 from 2:00 to 4:00 PM in downtown Easton.

My commitment to participate in the Festival of Trees Annual Drag Race is based on two reasons. First is my devotion to Talbot Hospice. It’s Talbot County’s sole provider of services to those dealing with end of life issues. Second, is to demonstrate that those of us who are “Seasoned Athletes” can still compete.

The competition is keen. My fellow racers are bigger, stronger, faster and younger. My challenge will be to distinguish myself from the obvious talents they possess. My objective is to represent my demographic well. We “Seasoned Athletes” should remember that if there’s a will there’s a way. We must think outside our comfort zone.    

I’m trying to do just that, but I can’t do it alone. I need your support to make our age group proud. Please find it in your heart to support Talbot Hospice by supporting me as a participant in the Festival of Trees Drag Race.

for some fun on Sunday August 30 when Harrison Street turns into a race track for some of the area’s well known men.  These good natured guys are going to be looking “uptown” as they put on a pair of ladies high heels and race through “downtown” Easton!  It is all in good fun and being done to raise monies for the Friends of Hospice as a precursor event for the Festival of Trees event held annually in November. 

Support your favorite runner by clicking on the name or team. Choose a donation amount. You can support as many runners as you like, no limits.

Come down on Race Day for all of the festivities. More information to come soon!

The runners will be strutting their stuff before the race. You can continue to add to their coffers until the time of the race. Remember, ALL proceeds benefit The Talbot Hospice Foundation! Be there early as it promises to be a packed event. Can't be at the race?  Donate to your favorite dragger now.

To learn more about The Festival of Trees and the work of the Talbot Hospice Foundation, be sure and check out the Festival Of Trees website!

Bill Rolle
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